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International college sports team

I chose Brighton because of the students!

When describing Brighton, I would say it’s vibrant, cosmopolitan and a tourist hub! I believe what makes it so unique is the diversity of students living here. There are thousands of students from all over the world. I enjoy hanging out with classmates and friends whether it is during the daytime enjoying the sun, running and playing basketball by the beach or during the night taking a stroll by the seafront, going to Brighton Pier to play arcade games or riding bicycles around the city.  

The university is highly rated in its teaching of my course, International Tourism Management. I found the university students’ socio-cultural diversity fascinating as I consider myself a striving global citizen! Learning about different cultures; ways of being, doing and thinking is something that I find exciting 

The aspects I find most interesting about my course are student group discussions, class debates and presentations. These group interactions fuel me to learn more and have been very beneficial. You can never know everything and with the contributions of other students from different countries, social backgrounds and perspectives university becomes an environment where you’re constantly learning something new. A proverb I’m aware of is ‘iron sharpens iron’  I find this particularly true as the students in my class are all smart, collaborative and eager to transform the international tourism sector.  

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of the First Love society. They’re a great bunch of people to be around if you’re a Christian and want to grow spiritually. The best thing about being in a society is having a place where you feel like you belong and enjoy being in the company of other people who have similar beliefs and views as yourself. During my second year I was in the university futsal team which I enjoyed a lot. This was, however, stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are also other sports teams you can join like basketball, rugby, football and American football.  

Being an international student at the University of Brighton, I would say that my learning and social experience has been fulfilling, fun and unforgettable!    

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Fananidzo Tawamba • 28th April 2021

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