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Student finance explained

Student finance is another step in the direction of university, it can be a little confusing at first,
however there are some key things to know when it comes to finance. In this piece I will provide
some important things which can help make applying for student finance easier.

1. Get information regarding student finance
There is a range of information available regarding student finance whether that be online, in the
form of a presentation or handouts. When applying for a university, each site will have a section
on student finance regarding: government funding, bursaries and scholarships and other
financial support.

Regarding the opening dates for applying to student finance, start your application early so that
you have time to fill it out and submit it. Most of the time student finance applications can take
up to six weeks to be reviewed, so getting it done and submitted is a very good move.

2. How much do you pay back a year?
Another common concern is how much of the loan do you have to pay back once you
graduate? Usually the costs may alter however you only need to pay it back once you earn a certain amount and you only pay it back in small chunks.

3. How do you apply for it?
Most students apply for student finance at student finance- This website allows
you to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate finance. It consists of multiple sections
relating to your personal details, your income, living arrangements, if you need tutor and
maintenance fees as well as the university you’re applying for.
The process is lengthy and has to be done each year for the next years of your course,
ensuring that you know the opening date for applications as well as the closing date.

4. What are maintenance fees and tuition fees?
Tuition fees are the costs for university teaching, for lectures, practical sessions (eg.
laboratory sessions if studying a science subject), attending university.
Maintenance fees are fees used for other student purposes such as helping to pay rent,
university books, food etc..

5. The important thing
Don’t stress, the application process is relatively easy to understand and get through.
There is a lot of help available for the application process, and the earlier it is done and
sent off then you won’t have to worry about it for another year.

For more information on student finance, check out the university website:

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Victoria Jarvis • 15th February 2021

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