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Top tips for staying positive at the moment

Remote learning changes the way we interact, and makes it easy to feel distanced from your course mates. This coupled with lockdowns and tier regulations make our usual social lives a distant memory, but there are ways to stay connected and keep your spirits up! It’s worth remembering that everyone is in the same boat as you, and it’s always worth dropping a course mate a message just to chat and catch up.

Physical activity is a brilliant way to stay happy and healthy, it’s been proven to help anxiety, low mood and improve your cognitive function (so you should go outside for a few hours…for the sake of better marks!). There are some really brilliant places to walk, run, or admire the views just a short bus journey away – like Ditchling Beacon or Devils Dyke. If you fancy staying within the city, visit Queens Park and take some banana chips or nuts. Fun fact: the squirrels will climb your legs to get them! The swans love fresh bread or green veg. When we see a cute animal video and feel a bit weepy, it’s because interacting with animals causes an increase in oxytocin, which also makes us happy, so this might really help if you’re feeling a bit down.

Another great way to keep your mind and body healthy is yoga, find a short video on YouTube to get you started and see how you feel for the rest of the day. If you do it as soon as you wake up, I find I have more energy and can get more done during my day. Speaking of doing something as soon as you wake up, it’s so tempting to go on your phone the minute you’re awake, but try leaving it for an hour, especially if you’re stressed, it really helps. And last but definitely not least, see your friends! In person or over the phone, keep in contact and whine together about the apocalypse year we’ve had.

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Ellie Saunders • 22nd December 2020

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