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Studying from home as a biomed student

Being a biomedical science student is both challenging and exciting as you learn many
different topics over the course of a year. In this blog I will illustrate a typical day in the life of
a biomedical science student.

I usually begin by getting up and having an hour to do random tasks such as reading,
listening to music, watching TV and planning my day. Routinely, I will select one of my
modules to study first such as Infection and Immunity, either looking over my notes to write
questions for myself as this helps me with improving my exam technique, or I will choose a
specific topic in the module such as revising the Polio replication cycle and look over that for
45mins to 1hour. Often when I am studying I will plan to do an hour of one module, have a
half-hour break and then revise another module. For example: 9am-10am, Infection science
revision, 10:30-11:30- Biochemistry revision, 1pm-2pm- Research skills etc. On days when I have online lectures I will plan those in with my schedule so that I can listen to the lecture and take notes, or ask questions about the lecture.

Normally, I will be studying for around 7-8 hours a day including writing up notes, practising
exam questions, additional reading (papers, journal articles, textbooks), exam preparation
and finishing coursework. This can vary depending on the day as sometimes during
weekdays I have student ambassador online shifts or campus champion shifts for a few
hours, I will often do around 5 hours on these days before or after my shifts. This
is similar for the weekends as I also work then.

Although it is important to focus on your studies you also need time to relax and do other
things, for example reading a book, playing a music instrument, drawing, gaming, watching
TV, exercising. Make sure that you make time for yourself so that you can rest and
enjoy doing something besides revision. For me, during my half hour breaks I will do
something like reading a book or doing some exercise to help me feel more relaxed, and
less stressed.

It is important to invest time into your studies as the more effort you put in the
better you will do. However, make sure you also make time to do other things you like to do
as well.

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Victoria Jarvis • 18th November 2020

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