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Seeing home friends during uni

When I first started at university, I was so nervous especially because I didn’t know anyone – even though I am from Brighton. Over time I met more people on my course and other students who had similar interests. But it was always nice to catch up with my local friends.

Brighton is a town with many opportunities all year round, from the multiple festivals held here each year, to events such as the Brighton Marathon, as well as the ice skating rink at the Royal Pavilion every December. I have had so many amazing experiences whilst living in Brighton, but there is one memory which is my favourite.

During December I remember going to the Royal Pavilion for an Ice skating session, with some friends from high school. Every year during December the ice rink is set up outside the Royal Pavilion, where you can ice skate for an hour. Their facilities included a small cafe for ordering food and hot drinks for individuals who didn’t wish to participate in ice skating or just wanted some time to relax.

Once I had got my ice skating boots, I went out onto the ice staying by the side for the first couple of laps. After a while of my friends encouragement I joined them in the middle of the rink to skate alongside them. The session lasted for one hour but felt like hours due to how much fun I was having with them by my side. Five minutes before the end of the session I skated to the side to rest when one of my friends came bounding over and caused me to fall along with her. I remember us both laughing as we got back up and exited the ice rink.

Afterwards, we all went to Donatello’s in The Lanes, which isn’t too far from the Pavilion. This is where we all had a meal and talked for several hours about how we all were and what we had been upto at university or college.

At the end of the night, we got the bus home. It is always hard saying goodbye to them as we don’t know when we will next see each other, as all of us are very busy. However, everytime I see them it’s like we saw each other a few days ago.

Although there are many wonderful memories I have made in Brighton, all of which I am happy to have experienced. So make sure you enjoy those moments when you can, as Brighton is truly a great place to live.

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Victoria Jarvis • 12th October 2020

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