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I have so many good memories from my time in Brighton so it’s hard to choose just one. Looking back on first year, my favourite memories include, winning the poster competition in the first week (funnily enough, the group I worked in turned out to be my best friends and I even lived with them in second/third year), dressing up and going out for Halloween in Brighton town, cooking a Christmas dinner with my housemates and going out for drinks at The Twisted Lemon for my birthday.

In second year, I had a great day out in Lewes with my housemates, going to an Ariana Grande tribute night at a club called Chalk, BodyMax classes at the gym (hard work but it paid off) and going surfing in Portugal with surf society.

And lastly, in third year, I performed in the British Sign Language Society Christmas Carol concert, going to Shuffle Bar with friends, and doing an Escape Room with my housemates.

There is so much to do in Brighton which gives you the opportunity to explore new places, try new things and make some really awesome memories (which explains why I can’t just pick one!).

Some of my other fondest memories stem from being at University and making friends in different seminars and learning new and exciting things. In one of my modules, ‘Community Engagement’, I had to take on a 50 hour placement; I did this at a local charity supporting adults with Autism. I continued volunteering with this charity past the 50 hours and into my third year. Volunteering with this charity opened my eyes to some amazing individuals and gave me some insightful memories of which have helped me in my professional development!

I also have great memories from working as a Student Ambassador; I really enjoyed representing the university at different events and meeting new people. In particular, working at the Summer School was an amazing experience – I loved mentoring younger students and working alongside other student ambassadors.

Upon reflecting on my time at university to write this blog post, I suddenly remembered a lot of things that I’d forgotten. I’ve had such a great time at Brighton and would massively encourage you to try new things (such as the places I’ve mentioned in this post) and explore – there are so many opportunities to embark on at Brighton so do really make the most of it!

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Lois Downes • 6th October 2020

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