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Why I joined Boxing Society

I chose to join a sports society to broaden my social circle beyond my course, to meet people with similar interests and to break away from essay writing. I wanted to be more involved at university as I am still living at home with parents and not living that full university experience. 
My work-life balance
During my second degree, I found it difficult to break away from essay writing and to get that work-life balance. There would always be something to add or to improve to an essay especially with being so determined to achieve a first-class in the second year to set me up for my final year. I found going to sports societies allowed me to escape the stresses of essay writing and improving my physical and mental wellbeing as a result.  
Joining the Brighton Panthers Boxing Society
In my second year, a friend I went to school with introduced me to the Boxing Society that focused on fitness and boxing techniques using fitness circuits and pad work. I would spend two hours at boxing each week – it worked well around my studies as practice fell on a Wednesday (the afternoon that everyone gets off to participate in sporting societies and socials). The socials were hosted at the Loft in Eastbourne, where the Vice Precedent from the boxing society committee would plan activities to get everyone together socialising. I really enjoyed my time at socials and it’s an easy way to make friends.
Why you should join a society
Joining a sports society when at university is a great opportunity to seize your university years with both hands with people who have the same interests, skills and passion as you. It is unlikely after university you will go on a crazy and fun trip away with 30+ university students to somewhere like the French Alps with the ski and snowboard society (which I highly recommend you join). Now is the time to take advantage of cheap and fun sports societies to make memories before becoming too busy to do so.
Your career prospects
Being a part of a sports society can improve your soft skills, teamwork, event planning, problem-solving, and so much more. These skills influence the way you interact with others in the workplace when securing a job after university or when writing up a cv. Time management is an important skill to have in all jobs that is more than likely going to be discussed in an interview setting. You should tell your potential employer about how you balanced being part of sports society while completing a degree (which not everyone can). This could go in your favour when standing out in the hiring process. Your hobbies and interests are popular discussion points in an interview, therefore, having tried out different societies at university could give you lots to talk about. 
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Jay Suter • 3rd October 2020

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