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Preparing for remote learning

This September I will be returning to Brighton for my final year of study on Fashion Design with Business, and naturally this year will not be a typical return for any student. Due to the Covid regulations there will be more planning and circumstances to consider.  
I am making sure that my room at university is equipped with everything I may need to study. I am aware that this year I will largely be working from home, having been told for the first term I will only have one full day in person per week. Thus meaning that my working from home set up needs to be smooth and considered.  
I have below compiled a list of some of the things I am doing along with some advice to minimise disruption to my first weeks.  
Check with your landlord and or halls if a desk is provided and if not, ask if one can be, as this is usually included with a student room. If not, very cheap desks are available from outlets such as Argos or charity shops.  
Once moved in I also recommend that you check the speed of your internet, and along with your housemates try and use various programs you may need for Uni at the same time. Ensuring your internet bandwidth is sufficient for you to learn remotely, If not I would look at contacting your provider to ask about speeding up your download /upload speeds.  
Also consider other aspects of this set up: how comfortable your desk chair is, does it need a cushion? Is there a desk-lamp? What other items may you need to complete your work? For me this would include a sewing machine, and a printer, as for the volume of printing I need to do, I cannot rely on the library to be available to me all the time under new Covid regulations. Perhaps also plan ways you can elevate the workspace to make it nicer, this could be lighting, reed diffusers or computer stands to avoid neck strain. 
Storage and Organisation 
Ensure that you remain organised, as your room can easily become cluttered, I will be using many folders and dividers to ensure that all aspects of my course have a place to return to after use. I will also be organising all of my pens, art materials and stationery using clear Perspex draws and a label maker to make sure I can always find what I need and when.  
Work Life Balance 
Also consider ways you can separate work from pleasure. I will personally be strictly working at my desk and sleeping in my bed, to keep the areas separate and defined.  
I hope some of these prove helpful to you in some way, and obviously they are all personal and doing what you feel is right is most important. This year will surely be a strange one, but with some foresight and planning I’m sure you can minimise disruption to your learning. 
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Max Jennings • 16th September 2020

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