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Freshers 2020 – A unique experience

Freshers is an amazing part of the university experience. For those that aren’t sure what Freshers entails, it’s two weeks of events held in and around Brighton. During this time students are moving into their own place for the first time or moving back to continue their studies – so you can imagine, it’s an incredibly social time.  

This year, however, you may be a little worried or disappointed that Freshers will look different. I want to reassure each of you that if you’re joining us for your first year, this doesn’t mean you will miss out on this experience. You don’t have to be ‘fresh’ to join in the fun – I’m currently going into my third and final year of my course and will continue to enjoy this time as though it’s my first.  

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that clubs and festivals will be a part of freshers this year. This doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting at home twiddling your thumbs though! You’ll still be able to meet new people and enjoy safe events and bonding experiences. Here’s a few things you’ll still be able to do despite beginning university during a pandemic.  

Dining Out/Take Away  

Food is a great way of getting to know your new flatmates and friends. Even better – there is no cooking or washing up! Many restaurants and takeaways have great offers throughout the week and some even offer a student discount. I recommend signing up to UniDays and Student Beans, both of which are free to use and aren’t limited to food!  

Games Night  

Games nights are the perfect way of getting to know your new flatmates, and perhaps is the safest right now. They give you an icebreaker, but don’t diminish the possibility of conversation. This was how I spent my first night at university with my flatmates two years ago – there is nothing like a game of monopoly to show everyone’s true colours!  


Brighton has loads of amazing pubs now open that you can visit and some still offer a student discount! My following recommendations all have open beer gardens and have put measures in place to ensure the safety of their staff and customers.  [You must remember that you are limited to a maximum of six people per group.]

These are: 

 * The Gladstone  

* Hobgoblin  

* The King and Queen Pub  

* Freemasons  

* The Walrus  

Most of these places are enforcing the NHS track and trace service, as well as no contact ordering and social distancing measures.  

Freshers Fair  

Brighton’s Student Union will also be holding an online Freshers Fair this year. Freshers fair is your chance to speak to societies and enjoy a few freebies! You can keep up to date with the latest information on this here 

This year’s Freshers experience is going to be a different one. Rest assured this will not be your only chance to take part in the full experience and really, it’s all about what you make of it. So, stay safe and make the most of this time!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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Rachel Bulman • 11th September 2020

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