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Presuming Eds colourful graffiti shop front

My Brighton – a photo story

Brighton is an amazing and unique city with a rich history; from the lanes and the pavilion to the modern street art embraced on its walls, you are guaranteed to be at awe with its beauty. This blog features 10 of my favourite places to visit in Brighton. 

Brighton Beach

Brighton beach at sunset

Ok, so we are beginning with the obvious, Brighton Beach. It’s a little cliché and predictable but there is nothing better than chilling by the sea. The pebbles, while aren’t fun to walk on (especially in bare feet!) does mean that sand in your sandwiches is no longer a problem! There are a variety of pubs, restaurants, shops and cafes located right the way along the beach. The smell of fish and chips will leave your mouth watering! While the pier is great and has loads of attractions, I find that heading west to the old pier is a serene sight. Its presence is hauntingly beautiful, and the beaches nearby tend to be a little quieter. University can sometimes be a little draining, and it’s so important to take time to recharge and relax – the beach is a fantastic place to do this. It’s my first choice to visit when I need a break! 

Presuming Eds Coffee House 

Presuming Eds colourful graffiti shop front

As if the amazing artwork featured on the exterior of Presuming Eds wasn’t enough of a reason to visit, then their incredible coffee and cakes should convince you! They offer a selection of hot food and sandwiches – vegetarian and vegan options included. It’s a great place to meet up with friends or sit and do some work. The interior is as beautiful as the outside. Filled with more artwork, vintage signs and hands hanging from the ceiling – this place is an artist’s dream! 

The North Laine 

Street sign at the entrance to North laine

Almost every time you search and read about things to do in Brighton, they will mention The Lanes. Yes, The Lanes are great, and you should visit them, but the shops are very expensive. The North Laine has some cheaper shops, such as second-hand clothing and jewellery stalls with real silver at a very modest price (£20 is the most I’ve known someone to spend, I usually bag a bargain at £10). This place is bursting with local businesses – you can find some lovely cafes and even a health shop filled with vegan products! The North Laine is my favourite out of the two, and in my opinion, doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. There are pubs, holistic shops and if you are a musician then GAK has an amazing range of instruments for sale. 

Snooper’s Paradise 

Inside of Snoopers Paradise flea market

If you enjoy an antique hunt, then you will love Snoopers Paradise and even if you don’t, this is still somewhere to visit. It is filled with everything you could possibly imagine, and you will never see the same thing twice. Located in the north lanes, this huge warehouse contains everything from books and vinyl, to fine china and handmade jewellery, to old vintage toys and comic books. You can also go into their photo booth for £3 – if you can find it! This maze is a sight to behold and even offers a bargain or two. If you are into photography, you can get vintage cameras in working order for a decent price, from around £20 upwards! 

The Dorset 

Front of The Dorset pub

Another staple in the North Laine, The Dorset is a lovely pub and restaurant. They offer a good selection of food – mainly your classic pub favourites. You can also save 50% off all food this August. They hold an open mic night on Monday’s (which is currently postponed due to COVID-19), which attracts some amazing talent! If you are a musician, you should head along and join in once they start this back up! 

Manor House, Moulsecoomb Campus 

Manor house with garden frontage

This lovely little park is situated just outside of Manor House. It’s an amazing place to come and sit to read a book or do some work – especially on a nice sunny day! It’s also useful to note that Student Support (Dyslexia and Disability) is located inside of the manor. If you’ve got some time before your next lecture on a sunny day, then this is a great place to come and sit. A bonus is the university’s Wi-Fi is available here – so if the library is feeling too stuffy, then this is a brilliant alternative option to come and study (unless it’s raining, then it’s not so much fun!) 

Redroaster Coffee

Redroaster Coffee marble front bar 

For all those coffee addicts out there, Redroaster is the place to go. As a coffee lover myself, I can honestly say that this is the best coffee in Brighton and is decently priced. If coffee isn’t your thing, then they don’t despair – they have a great selection of juices, smoothies and food! Although it’s a little pricey, their food is amazing – particularly their brunch. They offer bottomless brunch and at almost £30 per person this isn’t going to be an everyday affair, but great food and all you can drink is a great treat! They have seating outside, inside and a small beer garden at the rear. The interior in this place is incredible – I could’ve taken (and probably did) a thousand photos of this place. There are plants hanging above everywhere, coupled with the marble effect of the bar and open kitchen – the atmosphere is always amazing in here. I recommend coming here on a weekday morning and weekends are always packed here! 

Upside Down House 

Upside Down House tourist attraction on the Brighton seafront

The upside-down house is a must to visit in Brighton. At £5 entry, it’s a little expensive for the time you’ll spend inside. They do, however, offer a group discount and children under 3 can go in for free. It is a unique and unusual experience and not for those who feel unwell when disoriented. Staff are happy to help and give advice on the best angles for your pictures or to take photos of you, so you and your friends can have the staple photo of doing a handstand on the bed! There is also the bonus of being located at the beach – so you can grab an ice cream and have a dip in the sea afterwards! They also sponsor charities every now and then – so keep an eye out and you can walk on the ceiling and support a cause. 

The Gladstone 

Gladstone pub yellow frontage

This pub is a staple in student life, and one of the best pubs in Brighton for students. It’s around a 10-minute walk from Moulsecoomb Campus, just opposite Sainsburys. They have student deals all day, every day – so if you’re feeling the pinch, but still fancy a drink with friends then this is a great place to go. They have seating inside and outside – their beer garden is an incredible space. In winter they cover their beer garden with a canopy, and have heaters spotted around – not even December can stop this pub! 

Wild Park 

Wild park woodland and lawn

Finally, this massive nature reserve is one for the books. Located at Moulsecoomb, it stretches for miles. Around the corner from both Moulsecoomb Place and Varley Park, it’s a lovely place for a BBQ or picnic. There are goal posts if you enjoy a game of football with friends, a massive forest to go exploring in or a big field to bring a book and sit in the sun. Taking a break from university is so important and this place is great to relax and recharge your batteries! 

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Rachel Bulman • 28th August 2020

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