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What’s the difference between a Unihome and halls of residence?

Where you decide to live for your first year of university has quite an impact on your social life. For me, I chose to live in a Unihome (a house near the campus that is managed by the university) however I also spent a lot of time at halls hanging out with people that lived there. Understanding the differences between the two may help you choose the option that best suits you.  

Living in a Unihome meant living with three people I hadn’t spoken to before, you can find out who you’ll be living with via Facebook, but this isn’t essential, and you will all eventually meet them in your new house. My experience with Unihomes was that I didn’t really get to know my housemates and we didn’t keep in contact; in many cases this isn’t what happens, and people get to know their housemates. I would say that Unihomes offer a more relaxed life that allows for more alone time in a private space. However, you’ll have to be a little more active when finding friends which, in Brighton, isn’t too hard as there is a lot of friendly people.  

In halls of residence, you’ll be in a flat with three to seven other people but surrounded by a lot more, who more often than not want to meet you and spend time together. It is a more social space with lots of students all looking to have a good time meeting people and exploring some of their first years of freedom together. I have spoken to people who have said that it was a little intense living in halls with so many students, but for others, it was the perfect place to make new friends and establish connections for the following years of university.  

With halls, it makes a lot of difference which halls you choose. Consider which campus you will be closest to. Phoenix halls is closest to the city centre and usually leans towards students who study more art-based subjects; whereas Moulsecoomb is close to a well-resourced library and leans towards more science-based or academic students. Unihomes offer places in various locations, however often students tend to live around the Lewes Road area. Whatever you may pick, you will inevitably enjoy your time in Brighton. 

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Jay Brown • 10th August 2020

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