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My lockdown experience

Lockdown struck towards the end of my placement year, so not only did my studies go remote but also my placement role, which is a full-time job. However, certain support and routines have really helped me to cope and continue doing well during this difficult period.  

* Keeping to a routine – This has definitely been the core benefit to keeping me on track with both work and studies during lockdown. Small things such as creating a daily checklist and completing small tasks such as tidying my room and doing my washing have helped me to keep motivated through the day and feel like I’m achieving tasks as I tick them off my list.  

* Find a good work space – Studying remotely and having no access to calm study spaces such as the university library, means it was now just my laptop and I in my room. I’ve found it really helps to have a couple of different spaces in the house to set-up and work from with different views – it also stops you from having that ‘cooped up’ feeling.  

* Staying active – Not walking to and from university buildings each day means I had less active time, as I am now just walking to and from my kitchen to my room! As someone who really enjoys exercising, I found the closing of gyms extremely difficult at the start. However, I’ve taken full advantage of my garden and ensure I have daily ‘screen time breaks’ to do a quick workout outdoors. YouTube and fitness influencers have been really helpful for this as a lot of instructors have uploaded free home workouts during this time. Also, as a student living in Brighton, it’s a great time to take advantage of the beach, for running and long walks.  

* Video calls! – Technology has been a great tool during lockdown. Using weekly Zoom video calls and Skype have been really comforting when you’re feeling a little low or missing friends and family back home. It’s also been a great opportunity to get in touch with friends that I hadn’t spoken to in a while.  

* Streaming ‘home’ festivals – Along with many other people, I was supposed to attend a festival this summer after finishing my placement. However, the majority of festivals and music venues have been live-streaming acts online, so you can still experience the music you would have from your own home. Sure, it’s not the complete experience you would have had from camping and being in a field with your friends, but it still eases the festival blues! 


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Elizabeth Taylor • 22nd July 2020

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