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Being part of a society

When I first joined university, I was anxious about making friends and meeting people. Initially, I didn’t join any societies (which is something I massively regret!). However, as I’ve progressed through my degree, I was made aware of lots of exciting opportunities offered by various societies 😁

You can find a list of all of the societies that Brighton offer, here:

My Experiences:

I joined British Sign Language Society in second year and am still a member in third year. I’ve really enjoyed the content they “teach”, and the people are all so friendly and welcoming. We meet once a week to learn new signs and occasionally have socials where we meet for a drink in the evening. Before Christmas, we were learning Christmas carols 🎄 for a Christmas Concert where we raised money for local deaf children, which was really rewarding! It’s really great fun and has allowed me to develop a new skill too!

At the end of second year, I decided to join Surf Society – it was something that a few of my friends were doing and I wanted to learn a new skill! Being a member of the society gave me the opportunity to go surfing in Portugal in July! Again, another skill I’ve learned and I met lots of new people! I’m still a member of the society and go along to their weekly socials; hopefully i’ll be surfing again this Summer too🏄‍♀️

So overall, would definitely recommending broadening your horizons and trying something new!

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Lois Downes • 30th April 2020

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