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Beginning your placement search (fashion/textiles)

Thinking back to this time last year I am reminded of how stressed I was at the prospect of finding a placement that would fulfil me and that would look great for my CV. Now a year later I feel that I have really flourished and part of this is to do with all of the preparation I did to ensure the year ran as smoothly as possible, and that I cold make the most of the opportunities given.

  1. Research:

Cast your net wide, use instagram as a tool for finding new creatives, brands, stylists and artists who’s work resonates with you, and from there find more and more, there could be brands or designers that would be perfect for you, and you may not know they even exist.

  1. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is the tool you need to keep track of, and grow your network during your year. Everywhere you go add the people you meet, they could be the key to a job once you graduate, or just to your next placement. Ensure that before you embark on your placement year that your linkedIn is clear and professional looking, so that from the get go you can start.

  1. CV:

Keep your CV as up to date as possible, even as the year progresses, don’t wait till you are asked for it to update, as then it could be rushed. As soon as you get new experience, update it, and then you are prepared for any last minute applications you may need to make.

These are just three small things that I did and that I felt really helped me to hit the ground running this year!


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Max Jennings • 28th January 2020

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