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What to expect after accepting an offer

Oh, what a journey these last few months have been! I’m sure you’re fed up of UCAS and are excited that it’s all over with – but what next?


Open Days 🏫

Once you decide which universities are your firm and insurance choices, it’s a good idea to go back to the universities and visit. Most universities will host open days from March through to July so you have the opportunity to look at the facilities, meet the teaching staff, see the halls of residence, explore the area and ask any questions you’ve got. I would definitely recommend taking advantage of university open days (and not just because of the free pens!). It’s a great opportunity for you to get to grips with the layout of the campus and get to know the lecturers, as well as meeting prospective students who you may be studying with in September.

Accommodation 🏘

If you’re eligible for accommodation (i.e. you’re in your first year of study, live in an eligible postcode area and have made Brighton your firm choice) then you’ll receive an email at some point in March about applying for accommodation. You then need to make an application for accommodation by 30 June. If you have an unconditional offer, then you will receive a room allocation by July. However, if you have a conditional offer then you’ll receive a room allocation in August, after results day – providing you’ve met your target grade! You’ll then have three days to accept your offer.

Exams 📚

Now that you’ve got your offers, it’s time to get to work and study for those dreaded exams. My advice would be, stay level-headed; make sure you have a social life as well as working hard because there’s only so much information your brain can take in one sitting! I’d recommend revising little and often rather than for long, intense periods. Make it fun too; revision shouldn’t be boring! Make posters and hang them in the toilet; make revision cards and get your friends to test you; read a textbook and reward yourself with your favourite snack at the end of every page (e.g. grapes, chocolate covered raisins, crisps).

Relax 👍

Take a minute to be proud of how far you’ve already come; you’ve achieved so much and you should congratulate yourself on getting offered a place at university!

Keep up the hard work and feel free to message me with any questions! 😊


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Lois Downes • 20th March 2019

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