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How to eat well on a tight budget

This article on eating well on a tight budget brings together academic research, practical suggestions and local resources for you to consider and explore.

Low cost, sustainable, local food market for young people aged 16 – 25

Great news! YMCA Youth Advice Centre (YMCA YAC) Brighton have opened a sustainable social grocery store for anyone aged 16-25, living in the Brighton and Hove area. It’s a one-stop shop where you’ll find a range of healthy, low-cost foods and shopping products made up from high quality surplus or donated supplies. YMCA YAC are…

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Money Week day 3 – what is sustainable fashion?

The three R’s of sustainability, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, can be easily applied to fashion with the results not only impacting positively on the environment but also your wallet. Reduce Slow fashion You will be familiar with the term ‘fast fashion’ – cheap, accessible, on-trend clothes sourced through mass market chains such Primark, Zara, Mango. This…

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Money Week day 2 – how to rethink the weekly shop

It’s hard to miss the prominence of environmental and sustainability issues in the media in recent years. On a global scale we’re being encouraged to make small changes to our lifestyles in order to help maintain a healthier planet. But does living a more ‘sustainable’ lifestyle mean your standard of living has to go down?…

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Savvy shopping saves pennies and pounds

Be a savvy shopper For many the weekly shop will be a very familiar task, but for others, especially if you’ve moved from a family home, it can be quite an overwhelming experience, particularly when you’re working on a tight student budget. From local convenience stores and corner shops, to markets, and the big named…

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