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What is risky debt and how to avoid it – Money Week 2024

If you are in debt, and you aren’t exactly sure where your money is going, then you should be worried, and should do something about it now. This post highlights risky borrowing and explains how to tackle out of control spending

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Be cautious about using payday loans – Money Week 2023

Payday loans are short term loans available from an online or high street lender but not a bank. If you’re struggling for extra cash, there are other options to try before using a payday loan.

Have you got an opinion on spending habits and use of payday loans?

If so, we want to hear from you   Brighton and Bournemouth universities are currently researching the use of payday loans from a student angle, and we are looking for students who are willing to share their experiences with us.     We try to keep up to date with national trends, but the intention of this…

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BBC Radio Sussex seeking a payday loan user

If you have had experience of using payday loans as a student, BBC Radio Sussex want to hear from you. They are looking to talk to someone at 7.05 tomorrow morning (Friday 14th November) either in the BBC studio on Queens Road, Brighton or over the phone. Ideally they’d like to talk to someone willing…

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Action on payday lenders

With effect from January next year, the Financial Conduct Authority will be enforcing tighter checks and lower interest rates on payday loans. Read more here: We know that some lenders actively seek out students as potential customers, with often reported questionable tactics, and this decision has been welcomed by welfare rights campaigners. Student Advice…

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