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Advert from the organisation we Fight Fraud showing a man who will feature in an interview warning students about the dangers of scams

How to protect yourself from scams – Money Week 2024

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the cost-of-living crisis and our reliance on devices for communication. Such is the wide variety of scams circulating right now, we can’t cover all of them here but please do take some time to inform yourself.

HMRC logo spelling HM Revenue and Customs with red and green banners

Money Mules – advice from HM Revenue and Customs

This is information from HM Revenues and Customs in support of National Student Money Week warning against the dangers of being a money mule. They have contacted universities through the UK asking advice services to share this information with as many students as possible.

donkey in red warning hazard triangle

Money Mules – what are they, how can you protect yourself and how to spot an approach

Young people are increasingly the major victims of fraud. Victims don’t only lose their money – they can lose their family savings, their businesses, their trust in other people, their mental health and plenty more. This article gives advice on protecting yourself from Money Mules

Don’t be a victim of money laundering

When we think about money laundering, we may immediately think about something very distant from our everyday lives, but the reality is that it is much closer than you might think. Money laundering is a way of hiding money for all sorts of illegal activity – theft, trafficking, terrorist organisations, drugs gangs and it refers…

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