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Cost of living payments – what are they and who is eligible to receive them?

Cost of living payments for people on low incomes. What are they and who is eligible for them?

Are you eligible for Universal Credit? How does it affect your funding?

We know that many students have to exist on very little money and so when looking for options to raise more money we often get asked if students are eligible for Universal Credit. Generally speaking, if you are enrolled on a full time course, whether you are Undergraduate or Postgraduate the answer is no. You…

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Thinking of applying for Personal Independence Payment (PIP)? We can guide you through the process

Are you a student who has ongoing mobility problems and/or needs help with daily living tasks, such as washing, dressing, preparing and planning a meal? You may be eligible to apply for Personal Independence Payment, or ‘PIP’ as it commonly referred to. PIP replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA) back in April 2013, but some people…

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