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National Student Money Week blog of the day – Thinking of taking time out or making a change? Seek financial advice first

  Josh Tasman via Compfight Things don’t always go to plan and if you need to take time out, change course, or something else, be sure to check what the financial implications might be. That way you can make an informed decision, focus on what is really important and hopefully not worry later. The Advisers…

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National Student Money Week blog of the day – How to manage your bills…..cost, meters, dividing responsibility and saving money!

For most of us managing the rent, mortgage and household bills is an unenjoyable necessity of life, but for many students this aspect of living independently for the first time can be a very stressful and daunting experience. In terms of utility providers, there is so much choice and it is very easy to switch your…

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National Student Money Week blog of the day – The true costs of renting

                                                      What are the true costs of renting? No sooner as you’re settled back into your studies, focusing on exams and projects or getting to grips with some module…

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National Student Money Week blog of the day – Getting to grips with renting

  Money Week blog of the day – Your Tenancy Rights made simple(r) Housing law is complicated and most students will have transient accommodation arrangements for the duration of a standard undergraduate course. If we know we’re not going to be somewhere for very long, we might feel less inclined to read the small print…

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NATIONAL STUDENT MONEY WEEK 2018 starts next Monday

The Student Advice Service takes part in National Student Money Week each year. This year the theme is ‘Where I Live’ which has a general focus on financial matters relating to accommodation. As part of our campaign, we want to share with you some interesting findings from last year’s Save the Student Accommodation survey and promote…

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National Student Money Week is coming

…….and the theme for this year is ‘Where I Live’ Watch the video to get a taste of the advice and support coming to your campus…………oh and a competition with prizes! Save the date: 12th – 16th February 2018 Student Advice Service    

Students’ money saving tips from National Student Money Week

  Thank you to all the lovely students who shared some top tips with us at the Money Week stalls a couple of weeks ago. 99% are sound suggestions which we want to share with you all. We’ve divided them into themes, making them easier to digest: Wellbeing Make a budget and stick to it….

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National Student Money Week recipe competition – the results!

                                    Thank you to everyone who contributed all our student (and staff!) entries to the Money Week recipe competition. Here’s a photo of our 2 winners being presented their hampers by Student Services staff at Eastbourne and Falmer. Staff within…

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Last chance to enter the Money Week recipe competition

We will continue to accept entries until midnight tonight, so release your inner chef! Good luck Student Advice Service

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