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How to exercise and energise at no or low cost

Being in lockdown makes it more important than ever to keep ourselves healthy both in mind and body. There are plenty of things you can do to help make sure you keep yourself healthy and there is a lot of information online. The most important thing is to do what works for you. In a…

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How to save money around the home

We’re all very much home-based, house-bound, locked-down right now – hopefully not for much longer but while we are, here are some tips to save pounds, pennies and the environment too. In our recent Money Week survey, just over 50% of respondents reported spending more on bills since studying from home and the other half…

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What’s for dinner? Check out our lockdown ‘fakeaway’ suggestions that don’t cost the earth

Money Week is just around the corner, but as an amuse bouche for what’s in store next week, we are kicking off our week long money saving tips and advice by tickling your taste buds with our very own recipe for success on how to save on the takeaways, but still enjoy tasty dinners. In…

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Get ready for Money Week

Never to be held back, the Student Advice Team brings you our annual Student Money Week event.  This year’s national theme is ‘Expect the Unexpected’ and runs from Monday 15th – Friday 19th February. Universities across the UK will be taking part so we will be in good company. Although we cannot see you face…

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STOP PRESS: Student Money Week is coming

The Student Advice team are back on the road later this month with our event of the year, Student Money Week. This year’s theme is ‘Live Healthy, Spend Healthy’. Come and see the Student Advisers and get some great advice – we’ve got so much more to offer than student loans and hardship funds. We…

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Running out of money? Come and talk to Student Advice

For students who start their academic year in September, it is a long wait until the next instalment of student finance will drop on April 27th. If you’re worried about having enough money to cover 2 months rent, or saving money for a deposit for somewhere new to live in September, come and talk to…

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Money Week round up – what happens next?

As Money Week draws to a close for another year, we can take a breath and recharge. We’ll be reflecting on your input and sharing our findings through this blog in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space…. We hope that those of you who engaged with any of activities during the week now…

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Money Week blog of the day – budget today to save for tomorrow

You may have seen our recent blog post on app-based banking and saving apps and using AI to help you save money (yes really). Today’s blog post goes ‘back to the old school’ …… Try a cash diet No, not actually eating pound coins, which would be expensive, foolish and highly dangerous. Living on a ‘cash diet’ basically…

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Money Week blog of the day – how to save on everyday spending by downshifting

What is downshifting? Downshifting is all about dropping a brand type at the supermarket when we go shopping by not falling for the glossy labels, layers of packaging and highly polished, perfectly  symmetrical fruit and veg. Is there a science to the way we shop? Yes! We’re all familiar with the end of the aisle goods on offer in supermarkets,…

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Money Week blog of the day – how banks can work for you

Making banks work for you – the techie way In our smartphone and tablet-driven world it’s no surprise that banking is changing dramatically, with the rise of banking and savings apps. These can actually prove useful in helping you ‘take back control’ of your finances, as they have cunning ways of helping you identify your…

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