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Money Week is coming 6th – 12th March

After a couple of years of delivering Money Week remotely through the power of MS Teams and social media, the Student Advice team are back on the road in early March with our event of the year, Money Week. This year’s national theme is ‘Navigating the Numbers’ which ties in well with the current cost of living crisis.

Money Week day 5 – how to reduce the cost of your bills at home before the energy cap is lifted

Household energy costs are set to increase which is a huge concern to many of us right now. The government has announced a series of measures to help households cope with the increase. Refer to your energy supplier website for information on how to access any grants and discounts on offer and speak to them…

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Money Week day 4 – how to get out and about for less

One of the biggest expenses after rent is travel, although of course this depends on how far away you live from campus, and how often you travel home to visit family.  There could be a few ways you could reduce your spending on travel, so this blogs offers some suggestions which may help. Bus travel…

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Money Week day 3 – what is sustainable fashion?

The three R’s of sustainability, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, can be easily applied to fashion with the results not only impacting positively on the environment but also your wallet. Reduce Slow fashion You will be familiar with the term ‘fast fashion’ – cheap, accessible, on-trend clothes sourced through mass market chains such Primark, Zara, Mango. This…

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Money Week day 2 – how to rethink the weekly shop

It’s hard to miss the prominence of environmental and sustainability issues in the media in recent years. On a global scale we’re being encouraged to make small changes to our lifestyles in order to help maintain a healthier planet. But does living a more ‘sustainable’ lifestyle mean your standard of living has to go down?…

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Money Week day 1 – cooking and eating well on a tight budget

Welcome to Money Week! To kickstart our week-long campaign of positive money messages, today’s blogs is all about cooking well on a budget, so we have some delicious easy and affordable recipes which we have been tried and tested by the Student Advice team. The weekly shop can be financially draining and daunting especially if…

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Welcome to Money Week 2022

The theme for this year’s national campaign is ‘Sustainable Spending’ which is being adopted by hundreds of universities, funding authorities and associated stakeholders throughout the UK #nsmw22. Between Monday 21st – Friday 25th February we will be posting daily blogs to help you budget more sustainably, challenging you to keep a money diary monitoring all…

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Clean home, clear mind? Freshen up your home for less

Who knew that our homes would become EVERYTHING to us – where we live, where we eat, where we work, where we teach, where we study, where we play and where we wind down. Our homes are getting used to the max and all this hunkering down causes mess! So here are some budget eco…

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Stay alert for scams and phishing

In our recent Money Week survey we asked you to tell us about any experience you may have of phishing, scams and fraud. We asked this question because we know that unfortunately students are actively targeted, particularly when student finance payments are due. We want to raise awareness of the dangers of online scams and…

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You can turn small changes into meaningful savings

Sometimes the boring skills in life turn out to be the most important. Most people are not that great at planning. People tend to be overly optimistic about how successful their plans will be, and to underestimate how much effort they have to put in. Our projects take much longer and more effort than we…

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