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Continuing students – Look out for letters from SLC this week regarding overpayments

Some of you will receive letters this week telling you been overpaid by student finance. The letters could appear at your term time address, home address, by email or direct into your correspondence folder within your online account. If you have been overpaid during the academic year which has just ended and you are due…

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Waiting for exam results? Worried about paying for an extra year of study? We can help

We know that this can be a difficult time for some students waiting to hear the outcome of  exams and assessments. Feeling uncertain about the prospect of paying for an unforeseen additional year of study can understandably add to this anxiety, so we want to reassure you that the Student Advisers are here to make sure you know what to…

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Do you need additional financial support over the long summer vacation?

Are you having an operation or you have caring responsibilities? Are you a care leaver or a student with no family contact? Are you unable to work over the long summer vacation and you have rent to pay? Help is here at hand…………………..the Student Advice Service manages a summer fund to offer financial assistance to Home, undergraduate, continuing students…

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Scam Awareness Month runs through June

We want to bring this campaign to your attention. Throughout June, advice agencies are working together to promote staying safe online, keeping your financial information safe and not falling victim to tireless and ruthless scammers. We know that students can be targeted with phishing e-mails and text messages relating to student finance. This can be particularly prevalent…

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Continuing your studies next year? Take a break from exams and apply for next year’s funding

Students need to apply for funding each year of the academic course. Many of you will have already received a reminder either by text or email encouraging you to reapply as soon as possible.   Student Advice can help guide you through the process if you need any help or have any questions. Here’s our quick check…

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The Student Advice Service is supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

We know that money worries have a significant impact on our mental wellbeing and the pressures of managing your money on a tight student budget is very stressful. In 2016 we, along with our universities, asked our students to comment on how they felt their finances affected their mental health. The findings were collated by…

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(Nearly) all you ever wanted to know about student finance overpayments but were afraid to ask

  It is important that you understand the full implications of any changes which may affect your student finance amount and what happens if you have been overpaid any money. We see many students each year who have been overpaid so we know it is a common issue and this year the Student Loans Company are…

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Important message for 2nd and 3rd year Health Science students

Are you a continuing student nurse, midwife or other health practitioner? Have you receive a letter which looks like this? We understand that there is a national issue affecting 600 students at approximately 20 universities who have been incorrectly assessed by SFE this academic year (September 2017). This issue affects only Health Science students who are eligible to receive…

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Final year and PGCE students are you worried about your finances?

Have you got a question about anything money related? You want to check your funding entitlement now You want to know what happens about loan repayments You want to ask about your student account You’ve got a plan and you want to run it by someone You’re struggling financially and you want to know more…

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Have you registered to vote? This is your final call

Local and mayoral  elections take place on Thursday 3rd May. This does not include Brighton and Hove, but it will cover Hastings and towns in West Sussex and could also affect your home town. If you are already registered to vote, you don’t need to register again, but you may want to check, you should…

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