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Thinking of dabbling in cryptocurrency? Please read our cautionary advice before you commit

Why are we writing an article about bitcoin & Cryptocurrency? In the last year we have seen a notable rise in investments into cryptocurrency by students, with some students investing a large proportion if not all of their termly Maintenance Loan. As with all investments we would advise you to only invest what you can…

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Important deadlines for university funding

The university has a number of different funds to help students who are facing financial difficulties. To date, we have spent £540,000 direct to students from the main funds this academic year, which does not include the additional awards we have made from the Office for Students funding. The main Student Support Fund is open…

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Enjoy the wellbeing benefits of nature for little or no cost

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, we want to share some suggestions of how you can get connected with nature for less. Certainly over the last 18 months we have learnt a great deal about the benefits nature brings to our physical and mental wellbeing and we also know about the close relationship between…

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Could your personality increase your risk of fraud?

We have all been relying on virtual means of communication for quite a while now.  Many of us study or work from home, we shop online and try to conduct as much of our business as possible without seeing anyone face to face. As we can expect, scammers are taking advantage of this new reality,…

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Important deadline for this year’s Student Finance and University of Brighton Bursary

Most students are coming to the end of the academic year, and there are deadlines approaching which might affect your funding. If you think you haven’t got the right amount of funding for the current academic year, then you will need to make sure Student Finance have received all your information and evidence by the…

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Final Year Undergraduate and PGCE students – don’t miss out on our additional funds

If you are in your final year of an undergraduate or PGCE course, and if you are experiencing financial hardship, then it’s not too late to apply for our Student Support Fund for some help from the University. The fund closes on 7th May 2021, and late applications cannot be accepted, but you still have…

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Financial support for rent, IT equipment and daily living costs

As part of our annual Student Money Week campaign which ran from 15th – 19th February, the Student Advisers had the opportunity to gatecrash some lectures and host a few live drop ins to tell you about the range of additional funds available for students who are facing financial challenges at this time. You may…

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Student Advice supports University Mental Health Day

This year the University Mental Health Day takes place on 4th March 2021 Now, more than ever, it is important for us all to consider our mental health due to the pressures arising from our enforced lock down and all the other effects of Covid 19. Here are some free things you can access: Mindfulness…

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Clean home, clear mind? Freshen up your home for less

Who knew that our homes would become EVERYTHING to us – where we live, where we eat, where we work, where we teach, where we study, where we play and where we wind down. Our homes are getting used to the max and all this hunkering down causes mess! So here are some budget eco…

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Stay alert for scams and phishing

In our recent Money Week survey we asked you to tell us about any experience you may have of phishing, scams and fraud. We asked this question because we know that unfortunately students are actively targeted, particularly when student finance payments are due. We want to raise awareness of the dangers of online scams and…

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