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Financial advice for student apprentices

The Student Advice team understands that some student apprentices need support and help with their finances, especially as the funding arrangements for apprentices differ to those enrolled on the traditional student route.

We want to make our student apprentices aware of the financial advice and support available to them whilst studying at the University of Brighton.

The magnificent 7 useful facts

All apprentices enrolled on a full time higher or degree level apprentice programme…..

  1. Can be treated as exempt from paying Council Tax

The same rules apply to apprentices as other full time students ie if they live in a household comprising solely of full time students, the whole household is exempt or if they live with just one other person over 18 who not a student, they get 25% discount etc.

Apprentices may need to obtain a Council Tax exemption letter from the Student Information Desk, depending on where they live.

2. Are eligible for the mature student 16 – 25 railcard for the duration of their studies. This also means that they can get Brighton Unizone tickets

3. Can get 33% discount on most local bus travel across Brighton and Hove and Metro services. Please refer to the Brighton and Hove Buses website

4. Are able to apply for the Student Support Fund as any other undergraduate/PGCE student

5. Are entitled to a NUS Apprentice extra card which is the Totem card for Apprentices

6. Can access support for additional learning needs through the Disability and Dyslexia team

7. Can apply for health related discounts to help with paying for things like prescriptions, dental work and glasses. This is through the NHS Health costs scheme which applies means testing.

Please contact the Student Advice Service if you have a question about anything money related, including DWP Benefits, or have a look at the Apprentices factsheet for more general Apprentice information and FAQs.

We are here to help anyone currently enrolled on a course, or anyone thinking about an Apprenticeship pathway in the future.

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Helen Abrahams • October 18, 2023

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