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Continuing students should reapply to Student Finance without delay

Most students will have already reapplied for funding for 23/24 academic year, but for those of you who may be waiting for results or exam board decisions, we urge you to apply for your funding if you haven’t already done so.

Student Finance can take 6 – 8 weeks to process applications and with A level results due to be released this week, this timeframe could be extended with a potentially high number of new students applying for university places through Clearing.

You can reapply online very easily by logging into your account and making an application. This will at least guarantee your Maintenance Loan assessment for next year.

If you have moved accommodation, transferred to a different course, opened a new bank account, had a baby, moved in with a partner or had any other changes which may impact your funding, please update your online account reflecting these changes.

If you are repeating the year, you may have to wait for your tuition fees to be adjusted, but your fee loan can be recalculated accordingly after the academic year starts.

If you don’t want to reapply until you know your results, please be advised that you will not receive any funding until your 23/24 funding application has been approved.

You can read more about funding for additional years in our repeat study blog post.

Got a question about your funding or finance? Please contact us in the Student Advice team

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Helen Abrahams • August 16, 2023

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