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Specified Adult Childcare Credits – do you know someone who qualifies?

Do you receive childcare support from a relative (most typically your parent/the child’s grandparent)? Do you receive National Insurance (NI) credits as part of a child benefit claim?

It is possible that you might not need these child benefit related NI credits as you are already contributing to your own NI credits through employment or self employment. This could potentially make available these ‘spare’ credits which can be transferred to a relative who helps you with childcare.

There are strict eligibility rules such as the person helping must be a relative below state retirement age and the child must be under 12, but these spare credits could contribute more towards the childcare provider’s pension when it is due to be paid.

There is an application form which both parties need to complete.

You can find out more information and details of how to claim for these to be transferred to a relative from the Specified Adult Childcare credit factsheet

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Helen Abrahams • November 1, 2022

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