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Student Advice checklist for leaving student accommodation

Many of you will be looking to leave your accommodation in the next few weeks (maybe sooner) and regardless of whether this is Halls or private accommodation, there are some things you need to check before you close that door one final time. Taking time now could save you a lot of money around the corner.

Leaving private rented accommodation? 

Check your tenancy agreement to see if the tenancy termination requirements are specified – if there are any requirements to get certain things professionally cleaned make sure you get receipts for any work done.

Make sure the house is spotless, deposits are often withheld because the landlord does not think the property has been adequately cleaned regardless of the state of the place when you moved into it. It is important to make sure you do the following….

  • Clean cooker oven and grill
  • Clean all kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Dust skirting boards and door frames
  • Mop hard floors and vacuum all carpets, including under the furniture!
  • Remove all food from fridge and freezer and defrost freezer, ensure you leave the appliances unplugged and clean with the doors open.
  • Get rid of any rubbish from the garden if you have one.
  • Clean windows or get them cleaned.

Get final meter readings and take photos as proof in case challenged by your landlord. Contact the utility companies to let them know and also your broadband provider.

If you have a Television Licence you can apply for a refund for any unused full months or if you are moving straight into a new property you can transfer it.

There is an excellent guide to leaving rented accommodation on the Save the Student website which is well worth a read.

Finally, don’t forget to re-direct your post and ensure the relevant people and organisations have your forwarding address, this includes Student Finance and us here at the University of Brighton.

What to do when you leave halls

Make sure your room is in the same state it was when you moved into it, failure to clean your room may result in end of tenancy cleaning and rubbish clearance charges.

Don’t just empty your cupboards, throw everything you own in bags and boxes, fill the car boot and hope for the best. Take time to sort through your belongings and decide whether you really need to be taking everything away with you; you’ll be surprised at how much stuff you have accumulated since moving in.

If it’s rubbish, throw it. If it can be reused, recycle it. And if it’s something you don’t want or need, but it’s still in great condition, give it to someone else who can benefit from it or make some extra cash and sell it – eBay and Gumtree are a great way to sell unwanted items.

If your accommodation has to be repaired, cleaned or decorated before it can be let again, you will be charged for this. You will not be charged for reasonable wear and tear to your room or furniture

Remember to take any kitchen utensils/pans with you when you go.

If you have a Television Licence and you are returning to your parents’ home you can apply for a refund for any unused full months

As with in private rented accommodation, don’t forget to re-direct your post if appropriate and ensure the relevant people and organisations have your forwarding address including student finance. You should also update your University of Brighton records to reflect your current address.

Finally,  and this may sound stupid, don’t forget to return your keys, if you fail/forget to return them you could incur additional charges.

If you have got any questions, check your tenancy agreement, ask your landlord/landlady/letting agent, call our helpful Accommodation team: 01273 644100 or Student Advice: 01273 642888

Happy moving day 😊

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Helen Abrahams • June 6, 2022

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