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Money Week day 5 – how to reduce the cost of your bills at home before the energy cap is lifted

Household energy costs are set to increase which is a huge concern to many of us right now.

The government has announced a series of measures to help households cope with the increase. Refer to your energy supplier website for information on how to access any grants and discounts on offer and speak to them if you are concerned about your ability to pay.

Although a price hike is inevitable, we have gathered some great advice and tips that may not only save you some money but have a positive environmental impact too, so for those of you living Halls or paying rent which includes bills, this is still relevant to you.

So lets have a walk around your home to see what adjustments you can make in every room…..

  • In the kitchen – chop food into smaller pieces and use a lid on saucepans, the contents will heat up and cook more quickly using less energy. Only boil as much water as you need in the kettle.
  • In the bathroom – fit a water-saving shower head – some water companies offer them for free so check yours out. By swapping one bath a week to a 5 minute shower, an individual can save around £20 a year on gas AND £30 on water (if metered).
  • In the bedroom – switch off! The average household is thought to waste over 7000 hours of electricity a year by leaving devices on standby – that includes lights, tv, wifi, chargers, printers, electric toothbrushes, laptops. It is also much better for your quality of sleep. Wash your clothes less often – they’ll last longer and often a quick airing will freshen them up.
  • In the hallway, don’t dry your clothes on the radiator as this blocks heat and can cause damp problems. If you live in a draughty period property, have a go at making a door snake and turn down the thermostat on any radiators which have little use.
  • In the lounge, close blinds and curtains before sunset and keep yourself warm, not the whole house. Put some extra layers on or invest in a hot water bottle if you’re lounging in front of the telly or get active – try an at home workout or even gentle yoga. Good for mind, body and soul.

We’re always keen to pass on our tried and tested money-saving tips to you – however, we don’t claim to be energy saving experts and have sourced some of the above information from the energy suppliers and websites listed below, where you can find many more tips:


Energy Saving Trust

Compare the Market

Citizens Advice

Money Saving Expert

We know that there is a lot of concern about the energy price cap being lifted and what this means for students. Please contact us to make sure you’re getting all the funding you’re entitled to, including our bursaries and  hardship funds.  We are here for you.

Make sure you checkout our quiz and spending diary and follow what other universities are doing to support students during money week: #nsmw22

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Helen Abrahams • February 25, 2022

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