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16-25 railcard for mature students

Did you know that as a full time student over the age of 25, you can still qualify for a 16 – 25 railcard?

Your interrailing days may be over and we may not have the freedom right now to go and explore all the places accessible by rail, but for those of you who rely on public transport to get around, you may be interested in getting a 16-25 railcard.

This national scheme saves you a third off train travel (with a minimum spend of £12 during  morning peak time)

You can apply online, but as a mature student, you need to complete the mature student form, which the university has to countersign and stamp. You also need a copy of your unicard. You can then apply for the railcard online and choose whether you want a digital or plastic card…….but be warned that if you go for the e-version, you’ll need to make sure your phone is always charged when you’re using the discount!

You’ll also need to get a 16-25 railcard if you want to use the more local Unizone.

If you have already got a form to complete, you need to wait until you are fully enrolled as a full time student and your course has started. Complete the form as fully as possible then send it to  We will stamp and sign the form and return it back to you ready for submission.

Happy and safe travels

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Helen Abrahams • September 21, 2020

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