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Looking for seasonal work? Here are some topical suggestions

Many of you may have lost work due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst we are aware this is a difficult time for very many of us, there are some employers who are looking to recruit people, including students, for temporary work, often with the ability to start pretty much straight away – for example supermarkets and farms, for seasonal fruit picking.

Seasonal fruit and veg picking

There are many places to look for this kind of work, but the best seems to be through the HOPS website. HOPS is an organisation which says it is ‘dedicated to ethically sourcing seasonal labour and championing best practice in the sector’, and several other organisations are using the HOPS application portal, including Concordia (an international charity based in Brighton, committed to national, international volunteering and work placements, to promote intercultural understanding and peace) and Fruitful.

Concordia say:

‘UK farms have a shortage of seasonal labour to help pick and pack fruit and vegetables. We are calling for workers to apply for these paid positions on local farms across the UK. We are working with as part of the UK’s Alliance of Ethical Labour Providers. Concordia, HOPS and Fruitful all operate to ensure the very best in participant experience and ethics – and we have partnered together to help find motivated individuals to help Feed the Nation’.

Please note that HOPS have received a very large number of applications and are now recruiting for workers who want to start in May onwards. All companies will offer training to those who have not done this physically demanding but very rewarding work before and they will also ensure their staff are working safely. Have a look at their work related FAQs

For those of you who have travelled home in order to socially distance, you may be aware of local farms and growers nearby who might be looking for picking or packaging staff at the moment, or even delivery drivers, so use your local contacts.

Supermarket work

All major supermarkets are looking to recruit temporary warehouse and store workers – it’s maybe best to check out their websites for further information about this type of work and how to apply.

The University’s Careers Service

It’s also a really good idea to check out the university’s Careers Service vacancy service  as local opportunities will be posted there.

We may be in the Spring holiday at the moment, but staff are still working so now could be the time to focus on some admin tasks, such as dusting off the cv and getting some excellent advice on sprucing it up.

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Helen Abrahams • April 6, 2020

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