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Be aware – Amazon Prime and TV License SCAMS


We all rely on internet and mobile shopping and banking these days, but this makes us vulnerable to phishing and scammers trying to get a fast buck at our expense.

Amazon scam

This relates to Amazon Prime trial renewal:

  • You receive a phone call telling you that your Amazon Prime renewal is due for £39.99 a month but if you wish to cancel it press 1.
  • When you do this a person comes on the line and tells you she will hand you to a technical advisor.
  • The technical advisor then tells you to follow his instructions which are to enter www.teamleader in a Google search and download the application.

*If you do this they have complete access to your computer. Permanently*

If you have signed up to Amazon Prime for a 30 day trial, you will not get automated calls reminding you to renew. Amazon will automatically renew ongoing membership and monthly charge if you don’t cancel, so you must contact Amazon direct if you don’t want to pay the monthly charge.

 TV Licence scam

This is an email scam and this is what happens:

  • You receive an email saying the payment for their TV Licence could not be taken and to click on a link.
  • When you click on the link you are told that you’ll be contacted by phone.
  • You get a call from someone pretending to be from your bank telling you your account has been frozen and you need to transfer your money into a new account in order to access those funds.
  • You are given a specific browser to use to enter your bank account details

*The scammers then use this information to extract money from your account*

If you have got any questions about your TV License, contact TV Licencing direct.

You should always report any suspicious call or email to the Police Action Fraud team

Stay safe online

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Helen Abrahams • January 16, 2020

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