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Getting your first student finance payment

“When will I get my first instalment of funding?” is one of our most frequently asked questions in Student Advice

As long as you have been fully assessed for your funding, your bank details are correct and Student Finance do not need any further information from you, you should be able to see payment dates on your online Student Finance account. The payment dates may be on your home page or accessible by clicking on the Payments tab.

The default payment date will usually be the first day of term, which for most new students is Monday 23rd September 2019. However, the Maintenance Loan won’t be released until you have enrolled on the course in person and we have told Student Finance England/Wales/Northern Ireland or SAAS that you have completed the enrolment process. This typically takes 3 working days.

We therefore advise you to come prepared as some new students will have to wait until after Welcome Week to get receive their first instalment.

Want to know more? Watch the SFE film ‘Getting Paid’

If you have got any questions about your funding, how to plan a budget or you’re completely overwhelmed by everything and don’t know where to start, just give us a ring in Student Advice, we’re here to help 🙂

Telephone: 01273 642888. Please note, our lines are open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

We look forward to hearing from you

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Helen Abrahams • September 13, 2019

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