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Do you need additional financial support over the long summer vacation?

Are you having an operation or you have caring responsibilities?

Are you a care leaver or a student with no family contact?

Are you unable to work over the long summer vacation and you have rent to pay?

Help is here at hand…………………..the Student Advice Service manages a summer fund to offer financial assistance to Home, undergraduate, continuing students who are unable to work over the long vacation, or who have unusual or exceptional circumstances. Applications are considered by our Funds Panel on a case by case basis.

Please have a look at our online information which covers everything you need to know about eligibility, the application process and all important deadlines. You can access the web information here

The Student Advice Service can answer all your questions and send you a form, so please contact us if you have any questions. Our telephone number is 01273 642888

Important information for anyone thinking about claiming JobSeekers Allowance over the summer:

The new DWP benefit system called Universal Credit now covers much of Sussex, Surrey and some London boroughs and as such any change in your existing benefit arrangement will trigger a reassessment, bringing you under the new rules.  Please seek advice before you initiate any changes to your benefits as it is likely this will have a negative impact on your entitlement. We are here to answer your questions

Best wishes

Student Advice Service

Helen Abrahams • June 18, 2018

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