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Scam Awareness Month runs through June

We want to bring this campaign to your attention.

Throughout June, advice agencies are working together to promote staying safe online, keeping your financial information safe and not falling victim to tireless and ruthless scammers.

We know that students can be targeted with phishing e-mails and text messages relating to student finance. This can be particularly prevalent at payment dates but can happen any time.

You  should ignore any messages that tell you to ‘validate your account’ and never provide  any  personal,  security  or  banking  details in an email.  SFE, SLC, Student Finance Wales and SAAS will never ask students to provide or confirm their personal information in this way. You can find practical  guidance and top tips about safeguarding your details here as well as how to report anything suspicious.

Citizens Advice covers the main issues on their campaigns page here

Banks are also a good source of safety information – Santander bank offers detailed and invaluable advice here

Here are our top tips to stay safe:

  • Learn to recognise Phishing emails
  • Be vigilant when using chip and pin and closely monitor your spending if you use contactless payments
  • Never reveal personal or security information over the telephone, by email, in text messages, or in person
  • Never give information to cold callers
  • Be careful when shopping online

If you have received anything that doesn’t look or feel right, don’t respond without checking it first. Just come along to the Student Advice Service and we can look into it with you.

Stay safe this summer


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Helen Abrahams • June 12, 2018

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