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Resits and repeats – what happens to student funding?

Are you taking resits at the end of the summer? Resubmitting work at the end of the summer? Or perhaps repeating part or all of an academic year in 17/18? Read on to find out how this affects you financially.

Firstly, if you haven’t already applied for your funding for next academic year, you should – as a matter of urgency. It takes on average 6 weeks for SFE to process applications and you want to be in the system before A level on 17th August. The longer you leave it, the longer you’ll have to wait for your funding at the start of the academic year.

If you’re worried about taking resits or resubmitting work, as long as you have an application ‘live’ in the system, we can help you change any details like year of study nearer to the start of term.

What happens if you’re repeating the whole year?

First of all, don’t panic! Contact us and we’ll explain how exactly it will affect you. However, it’s worth knowing the following:

  • You are still eligible for your maintenance loan if you have to repeat all or part of an academic year, even if you’ve repeated years of your course previously (although if you are only officially in attendance for part of the year – for example for one semester – then you will only receive a pro-rata amount of maintenance loan). This also applies to additional allowances – such as the Parents’ Learning Allowance, Childcare Grant and Disabled Students’ Allowances.
  • You are automatically entitled to a tuition fee loan and maintenance grant (maintenance grant only applicable to students who started before 2016) for up to 1 year of repeat study, but you can only benefit from this once. This means that if you have already got a year of previous study – perhaps on another course or because you have already repeated a year of your current course – then you will not be automatically entitled to a tuition fee loan nor a maintenance grant.
  • If you are not automatically entitled to a tuition fee loan nor a maintenance grant then it may still be possible to receive these if you can demonstrate to Student Finance England that you have ‘compelling personal reasons’ (in their jargon) why you have to repeat all or part of the year. ‘Compelling personal reasons’ are rather similar to the University’s ‘mitigating circumstances’ – so for example illness, disability or traumatic personal events. The Student Advice Service can help you apply for a tuition fee loan and/or maintenance grant on the grounds of ‘compelling personal reasons’.
  • If you have to repeat all or part of a year and your mitigating circumstances have been accepted by the University then the usual policy is that the University will not charge you tuition fees for these repeat modules – so you may not actually need a tuition fee loan for this repeat study.
  • If you are not repeating the whole year then it is likely that the University will record you as being a ‘part-time student’. This can be confusing, as you are still viewed as a full-time student for the purposes of Council Tax, student funding and welfare benefits, unless you have actually transferred to a properly part-time version of your full-time course. You should therefore still apply for student funding (if you haven’t done so already) as a full-time student.
  • If you are repeating a year of your course then your graduation date will be delayed by a year. You will therefore need to ensure that your local authority’s Council Tax department are aware that your course end date has changed, so that you don’t start to get charged Council Tax before your course has ended. You can get a new Council Tax letter from any Student Information Desk or Student Centre.

However, everyone’s situation is different, so please contact us to find out more. Phone 01273 642888 or email:, we’re here all summer long!

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Helen Abrahams • August 3, 2017

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  1. Eleanor Davison September 28, 2019 - 1:56 pm Reply

    Please can you advise as we are in a pickle.

    You cover above student finance when resitting a year. I am concerned about student finance between failure in end-of-year exams (10/June) and late summer resit results (09/Sept). I cannot find any advice anywhere.

    In 2018/19 my daughter attended UEA (Norwich) reading Medicine with a Foundation Year (A104). In March, we reapplied to student finance – approvals received, all fine. (She is a triplet and all three are now at university.)

    After exams (July) and a resit (Aug), she was not allowed to proceed to the next year of her course (with a result of 74.35% out of a required 75%). These resit results were issued on 09/Sept.

    Also in August, as a safety net, she approached Sheffield University and was offered a place to study Chemistry there beginning Year 1 2019/20. Sheffield very kindly held this place open for her until the UEA results came out on 09/Sept. On that day, she accepted the Sheffield place and phoned SFE, who talked her through SFE online as she changed her course from UEA Medicine to Sheffield Chemistry. This worked well. We checked SFE online the following week and it was still showing as ‘approval pending’. All good!

    The following week, in mid-Sept, UEA sent SFE notification of Kate’s end-date and SFE mistakenly deleted her application to Sheffield. We have just submitted a PN1 form to have this reinstated.

    On 23/Sept, SLC contacted us to say that my daughter owed them £862. I have arranged for a 28-day hold to be put on demands while I sort this out for her. Having spoken to SFE, it appears that UEA have told SFE that my daughter’s end-date is 02/June. I have challenged this with them (she sat her last exam on 10/June, end of term was 14/June, she vacated her room on 15/June, received her results on 04/July, resat on 20/Aug and received her resit results on 09/Sept).


    (1) It appears that the £862 represents the 3-month period early June to end Aug. As my daughter was intending to continue her studies at UEA until the resit results were issued on 09/Sept, and as she is now continuing her studies at Sheffield Uni, will the SLC allow her to receive maintenance loan during the 3-month summer period? Are there any rules/regulations governing this which you could direct me to, please?

    (2) We believe that the UEA end-date given of 02/June is incorrect and have an email from one UEA staff member stating they they think it should be 14/June (end of term), which UEA may formally agree to in due course.

    However, as my daughter was intending to return to UEA and has used the £862 on Norwich rent and living expenses, we should like the end-date to show with SFE as 09/Sept. Are UEA actually allowed to back-date from Sept (resit results) to June (end of summer term)? Are there any rules/regulations governing this, which you could direct me to, please?

    We should be so grateful for some guidance.

    • Helen Abrahams September 30, 2019 - 8:53 am Reply


      I am sorry your daughter has run into difficulty with her funding at UEA.

      Such issues arise when the university in question tells Student Finance England (SFE) that a student’s enrolment dates have changed.

      I cannot comment on what UEA have done or should have done, but I am happy to share our University of Brighton procedures, which may help you:
      In this situation we would have kept the student enrolled on the course, assuming there was the intention to continue and progress to the next academic year, all being well.
      This would not have given the student any more funding per se, as student finance is already calculated to include a summer entitlement for all non final year students.

      Once the student had received the results from UEA and the student had decided to withdraw from the course, or in this case transfer to a different university, an end date is agreed (possibly between the Course Leader and the university, or by instruction of an Exam Board or other independent body within the university) and SFE subsequently notified.
      The student would have remained enrolled on the first course until 20th August (resit date) or until they were transferred across to Sheffield. Sometimes it can be a seamless transfer from one university to another with no gap at all, but this depends on the dates given by the university.

      If the gap is seamless, there is no overpayment.
      If the student was withdrawn on 20th August, the overpayment can be reduced and the only Maintenance Loan to be repaid would be to cover the period from 21st August.

      My best advice would be for the student to contact UEA funding advice team. This is what there website says: To contact a financial adviser, email or phone 01603 593290, 01603 591702 or 01603 593184. Their Student Union may also be able to step in. If you’re not happy, you can always make a complaint to the Registrar.

      SFE will only reassess such changes based on the dates given by the university, so you should pursue this issue with them direct and ask for any written policy on the matter.

      Best wishes with your endeavours

      Helen Abrahams
      Student Advice Service Manager
      University of Brighton

  2. Jacob Matthews September 24, 2022 - 1:34 pm Reply

    Will I still get student finance maintenance loans if I’m repeating the year externally, which in my case means only coming back to uni to do the one module I failed during the exam season, therefore no access to teaching, only emails, library and their online blackboard service.

    • Helen Abrahams September 29, 2022 - 10:35 am Reply

      Hi Jacob – please note that this blog post was written in 2017, so the information may be out of date now.
      I have tried to look for you on our student records database but can’t find any details so please call the Student Advice team with your University of Brighton student number and hopefully we can help. The number is 01273 642888.
      Best wishes
      Student Advice
      University of Brighton

  3. Leanne May 9, 2023 - 1:28 pm Reply

    Hi I’m just enquiring as I’m currently working towards end of my second year but might have to resist next year 2 modules which I would have to go into lectures for would I be able to apply for maintenance loan again or no as would only be in for 2 modules in the year

    • Helen Abrahams May 10, 2023 - 10:23 am Reply

      Hi Leanne, I annoy find you on our University of Brighton records system with this email address, so please can you give us a ring on 01273 642888 or email the team with your student number and/or university email address.
      Best wishes

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