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You have until midnight tonight to register to vote.

The Times Higher Education posted an interesting article about how students can significantly influence the outcome of an election, but as we know, many do not register to vote. According to this article, Brighton students have quite a significant influence due to the numbers of students and political divide split over key geographical locations.

Students have recently cited in Student Room discussions that they haven’t registered as politicians do not engage with students, in particular young people.

How to register? It’s simple: click here, know where you are going to be on Thursday 8th June and have your National Insurance number to hand. As some of you will have been students in 2015 and registered and/or voted in the last election,  click this link to check if you have already registered and at what address. It will only take a few minutes.

You then have up until 8th June to decide where to place your X.

Don’t regret not having your say, make sure you register by the end of the day.

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Helen Abrahams • May 22, 2017

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