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HOAX emails targeting students doing the rounds. Stay safe online










We have been made aware that some University of Brighton students have been targeted by scammers. This is a hoax email and we strongly advise you to report it as spam to your provider and please do not respond.

The latest scam is well timed as many of our 1st year students have just received their first instalment of University of Brighton Bursary, so the scammers have done their homework.

This is what the scam says:

Dear Student,

You have been awarded a University Grant by the Department for Education in the amount of GBP1829.00. The grant is a one-off grant awarded to students based on a number of criteria which include moral support.

You need to submit your information to collect your grant now. Please click the link below to receive your grant.

Grant Collection Page

Finance Department

University of Sussex

A couple of things to point out:

  1. There is a Department for Education, but they don’t give out grants to students
  2. It is unlikely that any university would issue a grant to a student based upon the criteria “moral support”
  3. The email is being sent to Brighton students, yet the sign off says “University of Sussex”
  4. The University would never ask you to submit financial details in this crude way.

If you are ever unsure about the validity of an email, please contact Student Advice Service

Student Advice Service

Helen Abrahams • January 20, 2017

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