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Stay safe online – read any email correspondence from Student Finance/Student Loans Company very carefully









We have been made aware of a recent scam doing the rounds

The email looks like this:

From: Student Loan Company <>
Date: 10 August 2015 19:04:17 GMT+01:00
Subject: Your student loan information

Dear student,

To ensure you your future payments are not delayed, your are required to update your account due to a recent update in our database. To update your account, follow the link below.

Student Finance Link

Update your account immediately to avoid delays

Best Regards,
Student Loan Company


The clues are in the poor grammar and spelling mistakes, which I have highlighted in bold (although we all make spelling mistakes!)
‘Official’ emails would not address the recipient as ‘student’ and would not contain such glaring mistakes, but perhaps more importantly the Student Loans Company would never ask you to confirm your details online in this crude way.

Please be vigilant with all online details and communication and contact Student Advice Service if you are worried or want to check the validity of any correspondence.

The genuine Student Loans Comapny have some advice and tips which can help identify potential scams and phishers: Please report anything suspicious

Student Advice Service


Helen Abrahams • August 11, 2015

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