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Valentine’s day on a budget

Planning an extravagant Valentine’s Day? Nothing says I love you more than a thoughtful homemade gift or giving something that money can’t buy. Here’s five ideas that won’t blow your budget.

I'll Give You All I Can...
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1. Make a personalised card

The personalised cards you can buy aren’t really that personal are they? Dig out some photos if you’re drawing skills aren’t up to much, create a collage, get on Photoshop and include a personal message. Job-done, without a funky pigeon in sight.

2. Cook a romantic meal

Restaurants and bars will be full to the brim with couples, and often create special menus, with special, more expensive, prices. Create the restaurant experience at home, with the wine and food you like, at a fraction of the cost.

3. Give time

We’re not talking a Rolex here. Offer to do a particular task, and actually do it! Cook their favourite dinner, do a household chore they hate or complete that DIY task that they’ve been putting off. Use your imagination and make sure you follow through on your promise!

4. A plant beats flowers

Long after that £30 bouquet has drooped, an inexpensive plant will be coming into its own in the summer. A chilli plant can be yours for under £10, and reflects your hot and passionate side!

5. Make a personalised gift

A mix tape is a bit old school, so maybe a memory stick loaded with your favourite tracks is more 2014. Or perhaps cooking is more your scene – why not try a cake. It doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact the imperfections are what will make it unique.

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Tom • February 13, 2014

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