The STRAND microbiology research team, led by Dr Brian Jones, have played a key role in developing a new “intelligent” wound dressing that responds to infection. Dr Jones and his team (from Univeristy of Brighton, Queen Victoria Hospital, and the Blond McIndoe Research Foundation) have been working as part of a group Universities and NHS Trusts across the South of England, led by Prof Toby Jenkins at the University of Bath, to develop this dressing technology. This will tell clinicians when a wound is infected through a simple colour change, and this initial study provides proof-of-concept for an advanced infection detecting dressing for wound care, which could allow the targeted treatment of infections at the bedside and reduce the unnecessary use of antibiotics.  Dr Jones said: “This new dressing technology will not only help clinicians provide the best possible treatment for patients with burns, but could also tell us a lot about how wound infections begin and how they affect the normal healing process. This could in turn lead to even further advances in treating these infections” 

For more information about this project please contact Dr Brian Jones or click here

non-infected dressing

The newly developed dressing

"infected" (simulated) dressing

The dressing when a simulated infection is present

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