Student Social Media Showcase

Data from our questions to students at Big Bang Fair South East 2017

We asked students four questions:

  1. Which is your favourite social media app? Question 1 SSMS2017Once again Snapchat and Instagram score highly, as they did when we asked this question at Big Bang Fair SE in 2016, but YouTube is shown as a popular go-to app for sharing.

2. Which social media apps (can be more than one) do you use to find information?

Q2 SSMS 2017

YouTube takes pride of place when young people want to find information, though other popular social media apps were also regularly used.

3.  How do you feel about blogs?Q3 SSMS 2017

Blogging was not popular among these students, some hadn’t heard of them and more than half didn’t read or follow them.

4. When you use social media, if you could choose just one, which would you prefer?

Q4 SSMS 2017

We had expected that young people would opt for photos or video, given the popularity of visual social media apps, but they thought about this question and plumped mainly for text.

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