Current Student Ambassadors

Please note: this information is only for students who have completed a formal job application process, been interviewed and accepted for the role of Student Recruitment and Outreach (SRO) Student Ambassador. This information does not apply to you if you are working on an ad-hoc basis at an Open day or other event, or working as a Student Ambassador for another team in the University. 

This page contains key information that all current SRO Student Ambassadors need to know.

Please refer to these pages, and the handbook below, for full information on safeguarding, our performance policy, travel expenses, getting paid, how to use HEAT, and any other queries you may have. If your question is not answered by these documents please email us at

Information about your role

The SRO Student Ambassador Handbook 2022-23  contains full information on all aspects of the role, including safeguarding, claiming expenses, and how to use HEAT. It’s your responsibility to familiarise yourself with this document.

  • Specific projects and events  – extra information can be found on this page about certain events and projects.
  • Train tickets – complete this form to ask us to pre-purchase tickets for you if you’re working more than 5 miles from the city you study in.
  • Pay forms and guidance – at the moment you do not need to complete pay forms for your shifts with our team. Please get in touch if you need clarification on the process.
  • SRO Ambassador job description 2021-22. Your formal job description, which details what is expected of you as an SRO Ambassador (may also be helpful if you are applying for other jobs)
  • Need a reference for a potential employer?

Key expectations for all Ambassadors

  • You are expected to dress and behave professionally, and abide by our safeguarding guidelines for working with young people, at all times.
  • You are expected to arrive for work in a timely manner and prepared for the shift. If you have any questions in advance of the shift, email the event coordinator or Student Ambassador Coordinator. It is your responsibility to ensure you have planned you travel etc several days beforehand.
  • You are expected to be proactive, helpful, professional and friendly, and to give your full attention to your role when you are being paid to work with us.

Shift cancellations

  • If you cannot make an event anymore you must give at least 3 working days notice.
  • If you are sick and cannot work at short notice, please contact the coordinator in charge of your event, or if they are not contactable, the Student Ambassador coordinator. If it’s less than 3 days notice we expect you to phone us or call us on Teams, not just send an email (which may not be seen immediately).  You can find our mobile numbers at the bottom of our emails, in your student ambassador handbook, or just call us on Teams!

We understand that there may be occasions where you are unable to work an allocated shift, however, regular shift cancellations as short notice can have a severe effect on the success of our events and therefore will be reviewed as per our performance policy – please refer to the handbook for further information. Please get in touch with us to discuss, in confidence, any issues you may be experiencing which may affect you attending Ambassador shifts, including any ongoing health concern or disability where we may be able to make reasonable adjustments.

On rare occasions an event may be cancelled at short notice. While we seek to avoid cancelling Ambassador shifts unfortunately it is unavoidable sometimes. We will contact Ambassadors as soon as possible and endeavour to find replacements shifts.