Argos and Brandwatch

Argos used Brandwatch to find out the much needed answers of its customers

“As a well established name on the UK high street with over 40 years of trading behind them, Argos knew its customers held certain expectations when entering stores. Would changing the look and feel of the familiar Argos store surroundings affect consumers? Would customers embrace the change or oppose it?”

Argos managed to use Brandwatch to find out what its customers wanted. Brandwatch proved to be a handy tool for Argos, but how?

Argos mainly used categories and rules to segment its market and manage the data. This allowed them to filter the data and work out what was happening in each individual store. It even helped Argos find out that location alone doesn’t reveal the precise stores people were talking about, and quickly amended this by adding a tag for each of their digital stores. Furthermore, Argos decided to break down this information and look into demographics. The yfound that Males tended to like the different aspects of their digital stores, whilst females focued on the new approach to customer service.

But what does this all mean in relation to companies and their handlings of data?

It was clear to Argos that they had an issue with knowing what was in store for them when it came to knowing what the customer wanted. By shaking up current store layouts – by modernising them – there will always be important opinions that customers form. Argos wanted to know those opinions. By knowing these opinions, by digesting large amounts of information in an efficient way using Brandwatch, they were able to use social insights to understand which stores were performing well for customers and which ones needed improvement. This is huge for the modern company.

Every large company are going to have stores that perform well, and stores that perform not so well. This is because in each area, there are different cultural and social dynamics such as prevalence of a multicultural-ness, prevailence of social groups like wealthy AB areas or less developed CD groups, and each area and each of these groups are going to react differently to the new stores. By using advanced analytics, Argos were able to understand these needs and cater to them. This is crucial for a modernised PR campaign and happy customer experience.


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