Book event 7th June

On Friday the 7th June we are holding an event in Mithras House to celebrate three brilliant new books that have recently published by colleagues from the Architecture and Interior Architecture programmes at University of Brighton.

Event details: 12 midday, Mithras House, Lewes Road, Brighton BN2 4AT.

Please email Professor Andrew Viljoen: to book your place on this fascinating event.

The event kicks off with two concurrent workshops/ seminars about Urban Food Mapping, and Domesticity Under Siege. At 4pm we will host a joint book event and reception including a conversation chaired by curator and consultant, Vanessa Norwood about the three books drawing together strands that connect them. 

We will then join the private view opening of Architecture and Design End of Year Show.

Read more about the books…

Urban Food Mapping: Making Visible the Edible City

“Richly explored, using over 200 mapping images in 25 selected chapters, this book identifies urban food mapping as a distinct activity and area of research that enables a more nuanced way of understanding the multiple issues facing contemporary urbanism and the manyfold roles food spaces play within it. — Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

University of Brighton editors and contributors are Katrin Bohn, Dr. Mikey Tomkins (PhD honorary research fellow) and Prof. Andre Viljoen. Published March 2024.

The Pedagogies of Re-Use: The International School of ReConstruction.

“The Pedagogies of Re-Use captures the amazing digital gathering of students, academics, practitioners, and activists that happened at the International School of Re-Construction. Involving over 100 people, from countries as far apart as Brazil, Canada, Ireland, UK, Spain, Germany, Greece, UAE, and China, the participants spent two weeks working in eleven teams to consider architectural propositions responding to the current climate and ecological emergency.” — Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

Lead editors, Duncan Baker Brown and Graham Brooker (RCA) with contributions from several colleagues from the School of Architecture, Technology and Engineering.  In press-publication scheduled for July 2024.

Domesticity Under Siege

“Organised around four thematic sections, ‘Microbes, Animals and Insects’, ‘Human Agents’, Wars and Disasters as Agents’ and ‘Hauntings, Eeriness and the Uncanny’, chapters provide a range of approaches to the home which challenge notions of ‘haven’ and reflect major causes that have played an important role in undermining the modern home.” — Bloomsbury.

Co-Editor Terry Meade, contributor Judit Pusztazeri. First published December 2022, with a scheduled conference in 2025.

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