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Focusing on solutions and sustainability in engineering

Mechanical engineering student Isabel Paglinawan tells us about the Energy Systems modules and reflects on how it has enhanced her knowledge and skills as a ‘graduate of the future’.

Critical Thinker
The ‘Energy Systems’ module, gives us the opportunity to undertake learning in a much more practical approach. Our lecturers have first-hand experience working in relevant industries that made it really engaging. They gave us problems similar to ones they have faced in the industry and walked us through their way of finding a solution. As students, we had to think critically about each possible solution and its possible effects.

Aside from many real-life relevant problems, we engaged with many visuals during lectures which kept our learning experience engaging and easier to visibly understand the function of systems such as Turbofan or Gasoline engines.

Solution-Focused Engineer
We participated in many lab opportunities accessing the different engineering facilities at university as well as more in-depth learning through our own personal experimentation. Through our use of the wind tunnel, engine testing lab and the simulation suite, we were not only more engaged but we were able to see many working facilities up close. Because of this module, students such as myself were given the opportunity to use the labs and facilities outside of scheduled teaching hours which further enhanced my interest.

User of Digital Tools
We were shown how to use MATLAB coding, which is an intelligent computation tool, and shown how Excel is able to be utilised to visually model real-life examples. The application of this software in the module further enhanced our fluency in technology and data computation and analysis.

Resilient Self-Advocate
Students, including myself, can feel anxious about assessments. In order to help manage stress levels one of our assessments was a week-long open-book test. This gave us the opportunity to not only undertake the assessment at our own pace and work on it according to our personal schedules, but also let us use our learning and resources from the labs to complete the test. During labs, we were given lab sheets to complete, which we were allowed to work collaboratively to complete. The lab sheets provided proved to be great resources during the open-book test.

Global Citizen
I came from a school and background that was very focused on the sustainability and being a global citizen. Through this module, I was able to engage my beliefs and values by learning about energy, transportation and the ways to reduce energy loss and the industry’s development towards more sustainable and energy-efficient models.

Before coming to university and participating in this module, I was aware I wanted to become an engineer and focus on the sustainable development of the industry but didn’t know exactly what sector I wanted to go into. During this module, I realised I wanted to take part in the development of engines now and make them more efficient. This module has given me clarity in the direction I want to pursue my career.

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