Architecture and design awards 2023

Architecture and Design end of year show and awards

Architecture and Design hosted their End of Year Show in June, showcasing the talent of our school’s creative community. In the midst of a summer heatwave, the show attracted a remarkable turnout, demonstrating the ongoing importance of our Architecture and Design reputation.

Bringing together students from various design disciplines the show included students from BA(Hons) Architecture, MArch Architecture, BA(Hons) Interior Architecture, BSc(Hons) Product Design, MA Interior Design, MA Sustainable Design, and Architecture and Design Integrated Foundation courses. Each course presented a unique fusion of creativity, practicality, and innovative design principles, with every project showcasing outstanding vision and execution.

The show is a team effort pulling together student volunteers, academics, south coast events and the technical team. More than just a celebration of student accomplishments this show is a fundamental part of the universities calendar and a testament to the dynamic culture of innovation and excellence nurtured in the School.

Culminating in the awards night, the highlight of the evening was the prize-giving ceremony, where 22 awards (hand made by our technical team) were presented to talented students from all participating courses.

Wilson Ng, an architecture student in Andre Viljoen’s MArch studio, received recognition as the runner-up for the post-graduate John Andrews Drawing Prize. Ng’s project, developed under the theme of “Re-visiting the City,” explored the design of a new hotel and a supporting food productive landscape in Brighton & Hove. His work addressed architectural questions related to the integration of private and shared spaces within a micro-city, presenting a thought-provoking and sustainable approach.

Charles Palmer, a student in Anuschka Kutz’s MArch studio, was also acknowledged for his exceptional project sweeping up multiple awards including the sustainability focussed Waste House Award and HNWs Sustainable Legacy Award. Palmer’s work focused on urban-rural linkages in an agriculturally-formed area near Brighton, proposing innovative solutions that bridged the gap between these environments. His project demonstrated a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between urban and rural settings.

David Loja, a member of the Architecture and Design Integrated Foundation Studio, received commendation for his 1:50 final model of a stage/ auditorium installation at the Ouse Valley Viaduct. The Upstarter Award presented to Anwen Parnis for her innovative project, the Yarn Reclaimer aims to inspire students to create products and services that foster a thriving living world and encourages them to pursue ventures that can bring their transformative ideas to life.

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