Brighton CCA explores AI visions of a sustainable future

Visitors to Brighton CCA from 27 January to 27 February will have the chance to explore the (quite literally) limitless potential of Artificial Intelligence-rendered art to inspire solutions for a world impacted by climate change and environmental degradation. 

The art will be displayed as part of a free exhibition of AI-generated images which integrate the built environment and the natural world.

Titled SOS: Let’s share our dreams for more sustainable futures and healthier communities, the exhibition is the brainchild of Dr Poorang Piroozfar, a Reader in Architectural Technology and Digital Construction at University of Brighton, and Dr Eric Farr, an Honorary Professor of Architecture and Design at University of Liverpool.

The AI algorithm behind the show has delved into myriad concepts and imagery around ‘green architecture’ to create visions of a startling world where nature is integrated totally into the structure of urban buildings, from houses to skyscrapers.

Dr Piroozfar describes the exhibition as providing an “urgent global call for reimagining a collective vision about the future of the planet through AI”. The exhibition shows how humankind can respond to catastrophic climate change impacts through the radical reinvention of construction.

Dr Farr said: “Our planet is on the verge of passing a turning point beyond which there might be no imaginable return. Questing after a healthier, more liveable built environment, we have turned to a collective public imagination of a healthy planet.” 

Dr Piroozfar added: “Building on a range of human inputs, AI has assisted us with re-imagining visionary illustrations of the future in which environmentally responsible architecture dominates our urban landscapes.” 

Exhibition details

Title: S.O.S: Let’s share our dreams for more sustainable futures and healthier communities
When: 27 January-7 February 2023, 12-5pm
Where: Brighton CCA, Grand Parade Building, BN2 9JA

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