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Meet Dr Rotimi Joseph

Dr Rotimi Joseph is course leader for our Quantity Surveying BSc(Hons) degree. He teaches estimating and quantification of construction works, quantity surveying professional practice, construction risk and financial analysis and advanced quantity surveying professional practice.

The way I like to teach

I am passionate about quantity surveying activities within the wider construction industry framework. My main approach to teaching is using real-life projects in my lectures. This helps students to understand and contextualise what they are being taught and what they read in textbooks. In addition to this, it prepares students’ minds in readiness for various challenges they may encounter in industry. In making it easy for students to understand 2D drawings, when taking-off quantities, I use SketchUp to translate 2D drawing to 3D and enhance learning and understanding. Measurement is one of the core modules on our course, students are taught both manual and automated estimating and quantification of works using industry lead software.

What I love about teaching

What I enjoy most in teaching at undergraduate level is seeing those that have passed through our subject area doing well in the industry. I also enjoy using real life projects in most of my teaching, this gives students the assurance that what they are being taught is very relevant, as they are able to relate with it well, compared to when it is hypothetical scenario.

Our students are also exposed to industry practitioners, providing them guidance on what they can expected as they leave university and integrate into the construction industry.

How students can get involved

Students have the opportunity to work with members of staff for up to six weeks in the summer to conduct specific research. Most of the time this involves gathering information, such as literature review, data entry and in some case data analysis.

Our students also have the opportunity to be part of professional bodies such as CIOB, RICS, CABE as soon as they become a student in our subject area, thereby giving them access to industry publications and helping them with networking with those already in the industry.

My favourite place in Sussex

Brighton is my favourite location in Sussex. This is because of its strategic location very close to the sea, thereby attracting visitors from all over the world yearly.

The three people that I’d invite to a dinner party would be…

The people I’ll invite to my dinner party are the less privileged. Those that cannot afford dinner.  I’d like to invite the Vice Chancellor as well.

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