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My career journey

Sam McPherson graduated from Project Management in Construction BSc(Hons) and is now working at MYCO as site manager. He tells us a bit about his experience here.

My family was a big inspiration for university as they pushed me in to making the jump, I’m sure it was mainly so I would finally move out of home. I also had a week with MACE for a learning experience whilst I was at Sixth Form at HACA, they gave me a taste of what it would be like on a tier 1 site and since then I was hooked.

My course was a challenge as at Sixth form I studied Philosophy, sociology and Art, basically the wrong subjects for maths heavy course (to begin with) I didn’t do a placement year and halfway through my second year through to my third year the pandemic happened. I would really recommend my course, it a great step into construction.

My favourite module was the Project Management module and design technology, I enjoy the practice of making your own “project” and bringing it to life. Also Building Environment was a good module as you can understand the subtle reason for why a building is built in a certain way.

I’m currently running a project opposite the i360, we are regenerating a hotel worth £9.6m and bringing it back to life for our client. I’d like to say I’m already in my dream job, but we would have to see!

I chose this field of work as it was the only industry I have ever really be interested in. I’ve always been a hands-on type of person and so the construction industry just fitted with that.

I really like my job because every day is a learning day, and I’m always busy! I’m really proud advancement I have made from being a graduate to a site manager in a year. I’d recommend my career to a new graduate as it’s an experience you’ll never receive anywhere else and there is so much potential to do what you want.

My advice to someone who is thinking of applying for the course is that it will be hard work, but it definitely pays off. Your career is totally dependant on what you want it to be.

My company MYCO has given my a target to become a project manager by the time I’m 26. After that I will try and work my way around the world as managers with my degree are wanted from here all the way to New Zealand which is the goal.

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